Do forums grow?

Lately [Nick] has been trying to hijack the forums and today I finally gave in to him. So you can expect some changes to the forum in the near future. And of course Nick has no evil intentions with the forums, so you don't have to be afraid of it. Now more seriously, as […]

What is an AFCAD file?

Some time ago I blogged about the confusion that exists about SCASM BGL files and this time I want to discuss a similar naming confusing. It is about AFCAD files. On forums it is very common that you hear people talking about the AFCAD files they have made for their scenery. And I have already […]

A new skin

As you can see I changed the skin that is used at the blog. As the software running this blog has been updated recently, the skin suddenly showed tags, instead of the posting categories. I really did not like how that looked, so that is why I am giving this one a try. I only […]