Happy Christmas!

I would like to wish all the readers of my blog a happy Christmas. And if you are lucky enough to have a few days free from work as well, I hope you have the chance to enjoy some FS as well during the coming period. Personally I’ll be away the coming days, as I […]

Randomize it!

I have added a little new feature to ObPlacer XML. While finishing some general aviation airports for the [NL2000] scenery I was planting trees with ObPlacer XML and I noticed that the resulting scenery was a bit boring with all trees having the same size. So I decided to add a little option that allows […]

Lazy LOD

As I already mentioned in my previous post I have been working hard on a scenery of Schiphol airport recently. As this is quite a big airport and we tried to make it detailed as well, we ended up with a lot of objects. Unfortunately this did not improve the performance a lot. In the […]