Randomize it!

I have added a little new feature to ObPlacer XML. While finishing some general aviation airports for the [NL2000] scenery I was planting trees with ObPlacer XML and I noticed that the resulting scenery was a bit boring with all trees having the same size. So I decided to add a little option that allows you to randomize the scale of certain objects.

Let me explain a little further how this work. First you just place all the trees like you normally do, so without taking care of the scale. After you are done you use the newly added “Scale Randomizer” tool. This will show you a list of all objects used in your XML file. So from this list you select your tree MDL file(s). You also enter between which two values the scale should be randomized. After that it is just one click to make the scale of all instances of the selected object type random.
This really makes the scenery look better in the end, as all trees look a little different now.

Another option I have added to ObPlacer XML is that you can also place Trigger objects of the type REFUEL_REPAIR. So this allows you to easily add a refueling area to your scenery.

I will use the Christmas break to finish the coding and release the new versions of the tools I have blogged about recently. So keep an eye on the site for news about the release. And of course I will also use that break to test the FsX changes some more and if possible add options to support FsX better with my tools.


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