Europa Universalis

As a little exception, this blog post has nothing to do with Flight Simulator. Sometimes, when I am not designing scenery or developing new tools, I like to play a computer game as well. Ever since I picked up a copy of the game Europa Universalis II from a bargain bin, I have been a […]

The forgotten Douglas

Those who visited the forums in the past might recognise my old avatar in the picture on the left. This aircraft is (one of) my favorite aircraft and as it is a little unknown I was thinking about writing a blog post about it for a while already. So here is that blog post. […]

And a few extra bloggers again…

And again an ACES team member has entered the world of blogging, this time it is Mike Singer. Also it seems that Hal Bryan has moved his blog to the Live Spaces. I must say that I am very excited about all these new bloggers, I am really looking forward to reading their backgrounds and […]

Updating some links…

If you have been reading the blogs of [JonPatch] or [Nick] this is not really news anymore, but I updated the links to MS blogs. Tim Gregson has a new blog location, and I added the blogs of Brett Schnepf (community development manager), Rick Selby (lead game designer trainsim) and Pat Cook (design director ACES).

The FsX MDL format

On the FsDeveloper Wiki I have added a page that describes (part of) the FsX MDL format. At the moment mainly the sections involved in a simple scenery object are covered, as that is the part I mainly looked at for the ModelConverterX tool until now. Hopefully this page is useful to other programmers as […]

Library Creator XML 2.0 alpha

I have made an alpha version of the new Library Creator XML version 2.0 available at the FsDeveloper forums. So if you want a GUI to create your FsX object libraries, give it a try! And as it still is an alpha version I can’t promise that it will be bug free.  

Scenery Shortcut

Both Owen and Nick blogged about the new Scenery Shortcut tool from Abacus in the last days. I must say that personally I don’t really get all the enthousiasm about this tool, as it does not seem to really add something new that you can’t do with the Mission Object Placement tool already. You can […]