A nice morning GMax session

This morning I was chatting with [Nick] and it turned out that both of us had not been able to use the new FsX GMax gamepack as much as we would like to in the past weeks. So we decided to have a little session right away, while speaking to each other using Skype.

We went over some of the documentation, for example the documentation about the animated jetways and we exchanged some ideas on how we could use that on our own objects. And we also explored the new FlightSimX material type in more detail, to check all the cool options available on it.

But the most concrete result was that we also tested the platforms of the attachtool. Of course these work fine. But now the different types of platforms also work fine, while they did not in Fs2004. So if you set the type to GRAVEL you will see dust behind your aircraft, while there is none if you use the ASPHALT type. And when setting it to ICE you will certainly notice that the platform is more slippery.

In the end we both found it a very useful session, as it is a nice way to explore the new stuff and exchange ideas. Hopefully we have some time soon to do this again and I am sure we will be able to report over some interesting finds then.

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