Is it a gift to annoy people?

Over the last few days I found out that spammers have found a new way to annoy me. This time they are not spamming my blog or my email accounts (well, they are still spamming my email, but not more than usual). I noticed that on the Talk/Discussion pages of the FsDeveloper Wiki they have now started to post links to nonsense stuff.

Most of them don’t show up when you look at the page, but when you start to edit it you see the huge amount of links. I try to delete this stuff, but usually within 30 minutes they are back again. I’ll see how it develops in the next few days, but if the spam does not go away I guess the access to the Wiki needs to be restricted a bit. Like only allowing people who have registered to contribute. But if not needed, I would like to prevent such steps, as the Wiki should be as open to all users as possible. If we make it to hard people will not contribute that fast.

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