Progress for today

As the screenshot of the new tool I posted earlier today is not that nice looking with all those weird colors, I thought it would be nice to post another one now at the end of my day to show you how far I have gotten.


As you can see the weird colors are gone now. This is because I have been able to figure out how to read most of the material information. So I can get the material color and texture now, just some of the more advanced material options I can’t get yet. At the moment I can’t read in the textures yet in the preview, although I can extract their names from the MDL file. That is why all textured parts show that checkerboard.

Besides that extra information can I can now read from the MDL file, I have also improved the preview picture in general, by applying the correct shading to all polygons and that short of stuff. So that all together makes it look more like a church now.

I will continue this weekend to see what other cool things I can read from the new MDL format and besides that I’ll also try to create a new page on the Wiki about this MDL format. So that other people can help with discovering it and don’t have to reinvent the same wheel again. 

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