Working on a new tool

The last few days I have been working on a new tool, it will be called ModelConverterX. In the end the purpose of this tool will be to allow you to convert 3D objects between different formats, for example loading old API macros and saving them again as FsX MDL objects. But I still have a long way to go before all that is ready.

At the moment I am mainly working on understanding the new FsX MDL format (and learning C# as a new programming language for my tools as well). The FsX MDL format has changed completely compared to the Fs2004 one, so that means a little work is needed again to understand it and be able to read and write it.

At the moment I can already read the shape of simple objects, but I still need to put some more work in reading the material section for example. Below you find a first screenshot of what will become the tool in the end. Hopefully you will be able to recognise a church in this picture. But I guess it is clear that I still have some work to do.


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