For those of you which whom I sometimes talk on MSN as well, you might have noticed (or will notice) that I am moving my contacts to another account. I have a few reasons to do this:

  • The first reason is that I have two accounts since the time I was studying. I then created one account I used when I was on the university and another one for all the flightsim contacts, so that they would not disturb me while I was writing my thesis. Now that I am working there is no need for two accounts anymore (I am not online during the day anymore), so I am going to merge those two.
  • Besides that my MSN address still used the domain, so I thought it would be nicer if I made a new MSN account with in the address as well.

So that is why I am moving all my contacts around. You have been warned now. And to prevent loads of spam on that email address, I’ll not write it down here, but you can find it in my profile at the forums of course.


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