XtoMDL does not yet like my X files

 Yesterday I wrote about the continuing work on ModelConverterX. As I already mentioned then, watching the Tour de France delayed my progress a little bit. But I got as far as exporting my object as a FsX X file. At least that is what I thought. But XtoMDL does not yet seem to agree with me, as it refuses to compile the X file into a MDL. So I guess I have some more debugging to do, to see where I made the error in the X file.

But at least I seem close to having an API macros being compiled into a FsX MDL file, so I hope I can have it fully working by the end of this week. You’ll be able to read on this blog if I can really hunt the bug down that fast. 

2 thoughts on “XtoMDL does not yet like my X files

  1. Bubles says:

    I dont have a FSX Deluxe and I really wanna know wer I can get a copy of XToMDL I only have FSX standard so it didn’t have the SDK thing.Tell me wer I can get it plz!

  2. arno says:

    You can only get XtoMDL if you have the Deluxe version as it is part of the SDK, so unfortunately with only the Standard version there is no way to get it.

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