Day 12: Olympic National Park

The DevCon and FanCon are now over for a few days already and since then I have been exploring the area around Seattle a bit more. On Monday I went to see Seattle Downtown and although it was a bit windy and wet, it was nice to walk through the city and feel the atmosphere a bit. In the afternoon I went to the Museum of History and Industry and I enjoyed the exhibition a lot. It basically tells the story of how the ciy developed since the first people came there and how the economy developed during that time (logging, gold rush, industry like Boeing, etc).

On Monday evening I met Bob Bernstein again (I had already met him during the DevCon). But this time he had invited me to his house, to have dinner together with his family. During the evening we had some interesting discussions about FS and scenery design in particular. All together I enjoyed this visit a lot, as it is also good to know what kind of person is behind a certain forum nickname.

On Tuesday I drove in the direction of the Olympic National Park and I am still there as I write this. The rainforest is really beautiful and I have enjoyed it a lot to walk around in the park. Of course I also had to check out the Pacific coast, but the waves were quite rough and there was a lot of wood on the beach. So I did not really feel the need to sit down there (maybe the temperature also had something to do with that).

Tonight I will have to pack my suitcase properly again, as tomorrow I will be flying back to the Netherlands. So this interesting trip has almost come to an end now. All together it has been a great trip until now, but I am also looking forward to go home again. 

One thought on “Day 12: Olympic National Park

  1. Owen says:

    Hi Arno,

    Thanks for documenting your visit to Seattle! I appreciate reading about your adventures! 🙂


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