Day 3: Boeing Factory

 Today I visited the Future of Flight Center and took the Boeing Tour. The center itself has a nice display that explains the history of the Boeing civil aircraft and also shows you something about the materials used, the engines, etc. This all is mixed up with a lot of videos and other interactive displays, they sure know well how to present things. And if they had a change to write down that their aircraft are better than Airbus, they certainly did so on the information panels. The only negative thing for me was that, being an aeronautical engineer, there was not so much new for me to learn there.

 After that I took the Boeing Tour, where you get to visit the assembly lines of the 777 and 787. Maybe visit is a bit of a big word, as you are standing on a balcony with a good overview only. Once again the information provided was not very deep (I mean the length of the aircraft I can also lookup myself on the internet), but probably the more technical things I am interesting in would scare away most other visitors. But just seeing how these aircraft are made is very impression, that alone is worth the visit I would say.

After that I decided to try to go to downtown Seattle, to see if there was anything worth seeing there. But unfortunately I never really got there. Once I got near the city center, I tried to find a place to park the car. That did not really work out as I expected (busy traffic, probably some lack of preparation on my side), in the end I got lost and was quite far from the city center again. At that moment I had lost my interest to try again to find a parking place, so I decided to go back to the hotel. I guess I can better use this afternoon to work on the presentation for the AvSim FanConf after all.

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