Day 5: DevCon 1st day

 So today was the first day of the DevCon, my main purpose of this travelling. On this blog I can not talk about all the actual stuff being discussed there, as we are under NDA for that. But I certainly did meet a lot of interesting people. I am sure I will forget to mention somebody here, so sorry if I forgot you.

For example I met Bob Bernstein and Bill Womack, two people I know for years already from different internet fora for scenery designers. It was really nice to talk with them in person. I also met different users of the FSDeveloper website, luckily most recognised me from my avatar photo. I also met with Russell, the author of FSX Planner and we had some very interesting talk about his tool and scenery development in general.

And of course I should not forget to mention all the people from the ACES team I talked with during they day. Being able to talk so easily with them about things that we (as the community) think are important is a great benefit of an event like this.

I also gave my presentation today, or maybe I should say presentations as I had two different subjects to talk on. The first part of my presentation was about the FSDeveloper community and how we try to support other addon developers with the forum, wiki, etc. The second part of the presentation dealt with the OpenFlight conversions I have worked on in the past. Or maybe that is even more an example, my talk was more about the possibilities for conversion in general.

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