Day 9: AvSim FanCon day 2

Today it was much more quiet on the FanCon, it seemed quite some people had already left. But this also had some advantages, for example that we could play a multiplayer Reno airrace mission with a group of developers. Although we could not do the mission in slew mode, it actually went quite well and it certainly was a lot of fun.

After attending a very good presentation by Bill Womack about the possibilities of the new FsX materials (I guess I should ask him to put that explaination on the Wiki as well), we decided to go out and doing something fun in the afternoon. We decided on going to the harbour of Seattle and taking a scenic flight with a floatplane of Kenmore Air. That was a lot of fun. although it was a little bit bumpy due to the strong winds out there. I guess this was a nice present to give myself on my birthday. 

This week I also met Misho Katulic for the first time. Certainly among scenery designers he is best known for his TerraBuilder tool, but he also showed us his latest product TerraBuilder:Moon. This interesting addon will transform the FS world as you know it into the moon. So instead of flying around you local airport, so you try out to land on the moon. So I guess all space enthousiasts should check out the website of this new addon.

2 thoughts on “Day 9: AvSim FanCon day 2

  1. Devon says:

    If your the famous Arno that helps people in need with aviation building stuff like superman do you have a twitter or an email address i need your opinion on a model I am working on.

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