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Although Adrian Woods has an interesting post about how to add attachpoints to your X file, it still took me most of the evening to get things working. First I probably picked a wrong effect that does not work for scenery, but I also forgot to add the mesh to the X file frame of the attachpoint. Although that mesh is not put into the MDL when compiling with XtoMDL, it still has to be present in the X file.

But after having learned that, I could attach a nice firework show to my object converted with ModelConverterX. Now that this test is working, I can continue adding the attachpoint functionality and attach useful effects (for lights for example). But that is something I will continue working on later this week.

2 thoughts on “Attached effects

  1. Mark says:

    Have you had any trouble triggering attached effects through SimConnect. We have been trying to trigger explosions and smoke trails on AI aircraft with limited success. For example, we have replaced effects in the SMOKE SYSTEM section and triggered them on an externally controlled AI aircraft, but have been unable to trigger effects in the EFFECTS section of the aircraft.cfg. It sounds like you have had some success with this.

  2. arno says:

    What I have done has nothing to do with SimConnect. All I did was attaced effects to objects (scenery objects mainly) by adding them to an attachpoint inside the MDL. In that case they are also there, although you can specify some conditions for the display. I have never done anything with effects that are specified in the aircraft.cfg file.

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