Attached objects done

This evening I have been able to take one more step on the problem of attached objects. After cleaning up the ModelConverterX code a bit more they are now really working. It is quite cool to be able to attach effect files now to your object and convert those already in the old SCASM macros.

Also for the light points attached to those objects this is good news. I can now read them in and export them to the FSX objects as attached FX files (because the old style light points no longer exist). This is all working now, except that I need to write the FX files themself. I hope that by taking some default FX file and modifying that I should be able to get started on that.

After that problem is solved I have fixed the main new features for the next ModelConverterX release. There are still a few smaller bugs on my list for the next release, but I hope to get the next version out in a few days. And occording to the plans that will be the last alpha version, the tool is getting so stable now that we can start moving in the direction of a “real” release.

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