Example of attached lights and effects

I just added the functionality to create FX effect files to ModelConverterX. This now allows the tool to write new FX files with the correct colour for light points that are used in the converted object. I am not an expert on making effect files, so maybe the FX could be optimized a bit further. Let me know if there are suggestions in this field.

The image to the right shows an object I converted as a test. As you can see it is a chimney and at the top there is a smoke effect file attached. And on the pole there are different lights. In the API code these where made with the Light command, but they are converted to FX files by ModelConverterX for this FSX MDL object.

So now all the main functionality for the next release is working, I just have a few other minor bugs on my todo list. Let’s get back to the source code now…

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