Lines done, but what about effects?

I have made some more progress on ModelConverterX by now. The extrusion of the 2D lines into 3D shapes is working fine and in the options the user can specify the shape he wants to extrude with. That can range from a flat plane (2 vertex circle) to a circle with more vertices so it looks round. Although the last will not always be advised performance wise.

So with that new feature solved, the next one to work on was not hard to find. I now started working on attached objects, for example lights or effects. I have already done the code to read them in from SCASM macros and the next thing to work on is writing the attachpoints to the X file for FSX objects as well. For the lights my plan is to have them being created as effect files, so the tool will have to generate a FX file for the light with the colour the light should have.

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