ModelConverterX magic

The last few days I have been working hard on improving the ModelConverterX tool again. Some other members of the Netherlands 2000 Scenery Design team were busy trying to convert some of the old API macros in the project to new FSX MDL files, so they provided me with a fresh stream of bugs.

While testing one ship object I came to an interesting conclusions, illustrated by the screenshot below. In the screenshot you see the ship in ModelConverterX in the top left corner. On the right you see it twice in FSX. The ship at the back is the original API macro. It is obvious that FSX has trouble to display some of the features of this object. Apparantly this object uses some opcodes that are soo old that FSX no longer fully supports them. But the ship in the front is the same object, placed as a FSX MDL file after converting it with ModelConverterX. This looks a lot more like the ship it is supposed to be.

I found this a nice example to illustrate the benefit of converting your old objects to the FSX format. That is also the purpose I started making ModelConverterX for in the first place.

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