COLLADA reader available

The COLLADA reader for ModelConverterX, that I talked about in the previous post, will be available in the development release from tomorrow. The reader can read the geometries and materials used by the objects. At the moment transformations and animations are not yet supported. Below is another screenshot of the duck test object, now with the texture applied correctly.

I have tested it with some of the COLLADA sample objects and with some Sketchup output and the reader seems quite robust. But since this is just the first version of the COLLADA reader I would not be surprised if some user would find DAE file that can crash the tool. If you do find such issues please let me know.


2 thoughts on “COLLADA reader available

  1. Get ready for the nightmare 🙂

    – Collada files from sketchup sometimes have 1 effect/material per face!
    – Some files have Z_UP Orientation, some have Y_UP (mega headache!)
    – Each version of each exporter have different understanding of Common Profile Alpha/Opacity values
    – … and many more 🙂


  2. arno says:

    Hi Matt,

    Yes, I am expecting some trouble indeed :). I already noticed that the axes are sometimes different. I’ll see what the users are trying and will report back.


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