DrawCallMonitor vs ModelConverterX

DrawCallMonitor is a tool I made some time ago to show statics about the amount of drawcalls, texture vertices and triangles used in a specific MDL file. Recently I have not updated this tool, because the Object Information form of ModelConverterX gives the same information. But is this information really the same?

While discussing how to minimize texture vertices with Lefteris recently we found out that the information shown by the two tools is not the same. So the obvious question then is which one can I believe more?

Given the way the tools are implemented I would say DrawCallMonitor is more accurate. It actually scans the MDL file and reports the amount of drawcalls, triangles and texture vertices mentioned in the part header. ModelConverterX on the other hand imports the object and stores it in an internal memory representations. From this representation it then calculates how many triangles and texture vertices there are. But sometimes things are optimized a bit already when importing. So it is likely that ModelConverterX might report less texture vertices.

I am currently comparing the code and how the tools work on different objects. While doing so I even found out that after exporting an object from ModelConverterX the amount of texture vertices was even lower than reported in the tool before. So I think it would be a good idea to figure out which figure is most reliable. You expect some more information soon!

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