Object Information form update

I have updated the Object Information form of ModelConverterX. Besides rearranging the information a bit, you can now also see and edit the placement information of the object on the form. This means you can see the latitude, longitude, heading and scale the object is placed at. If there is no placement yet, you can use the […]

X-Plane OBJ reader

I have added a new object reader to ModelConverterX, this time for the X-Plane OBJ format. From tomorrow this new reader will be available in the development release. I don’t have an extensive collection of test objects in the X-Plane format yet, so it might be not all commands are properly supported yet. But the […]

Back from Slovenia

The last two weeks I have on vacation, camping in Slovenia, but now I am back home again. I am still in the progress of cleaning, unpacking and storing all the camping stuff. But once that is done I hope to spend some time on flight sim things again. I have some cool features for […]

FSDeveloper & X-Plane?

There has been some discussion recently on the FSDeveloper forum about creating a place to discuss X-Plane related topics as well. We have now created a poll to see how much interest there is to discuss addon creation for different simulators. Let us know what you think. It is a long time ago that I […]

ModelConverterX & crashbox granularity

In the previous post I talked about specifying the crashbox granularity in XtoMDL. I have now added an option to ModelConverterX as well to do this. The picture below shows the Exporter settings of ModelConverterX. If you want to specify the crashbox granularity you need to do two things here: Set the option SetCrashboxGranularity to […]

An undocumented XtoMDL parameter

At the FSDeveloper forum there was a question about the size of crashboxes in FSX. These are often not so accurate around your object and that can give trouble with the aircraft crashing too early. So the question was how to change that? I did not know the answer, but I found it. There is […]

Alpha test level

ModelConverterX uses certain default values for the material settings when you press the “Set Default Transparent” button in the material editor. On of them is the alpha test value, which had a fixed value before. But with some alpha values in the texture that could result in the transparent part  not showing up properly. This […]