Oops a mistake, undo please!

It’s probably on of the key combinations most used in computer programs, Ctrl-Z, to undo your last action. Until now ModelConverterX did not have any undo functionality. When I started with the tool an undo function was not really needed, since it was an object converter. You loaded an object and exported it into another format. If something went wrong you could just load the same object again.

But over time more functionality has been added to ModelConverterX and now it is not uncommon to perform a number of actions on the object before exporting it again. For example change some material attributes, add an LOD or reduce the amount of drawcalls. With all of these actions it can happen that you make a mistake of course. So I have now added an undo function to ModelConverterX as well.

The undo function works as in most programs. It allows you to undo the last changes you made. Either by pressing the undo button at the toolbar or with the common Ctrl-Z shortcut. ModelConverterX has no limit to the amount of undo’s you can perform at the moment, although the amount of available memory will put some constraint on it. In the options you can disable the undo functionality at all if you are running out of memory. Please let me know if limiting the amount of undo’s is necessary, but from my test I expect that the memory usage is OK.

Besides undo, there is also a redo function, which will undo your last undo. This works with the common shortcut Ctrl-Y or the button at the toolbar. In ModelConverterX the keyboard shortcuts Ctrl-Z and Ctrl-X were used before to select the previous and next object. Since that conflicts with the undo key, I have changed those two to Ctrl-X and Ctrl-C now.

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