The return of DrawCallMonitor!

In my previous post I already mentioned that the object statistics shown in the DrawCallMonitor tool and in the Object Information form of ModelConverterX differ. I have done some more studying on this and it is hard to say which one is better.

DrawCallMonitor gives the right statistics if you want to know how many triangles, drawcalls and texture vertices a specific MDL file has. ModelConverterX on the other hand gives a good indication of how many drawcalls, triangles and texture vertices you will get when you export the object from that tool. There can be quite a difference between the two tools. I think this is due to different strategies, ModelConverterX tries to export objects with as little texture vertices as possible. Many of the default MDL files can be optimized to use less texture vertices, but I think at the moment they are build so that the triangles can be drawn with continuous triangle strips. It would be an interesting topic to compare those two approach performance wise. But that is a subject for later.

Anyway, having said the above, it is clear that a tool like DrawCallMonitor is still very useful when trying to examine MDL files. So I have decided to put the tool in the ModelConverterX development release. From tomorrow that release always contains the latest versions of ModelConverterX, FXEditor and DrawCallMonitor. The version of DrawCallMonitor is almost the same as the one released on the forum before. I have only made a few small user interface improvements. But now you are sure to have the latest version in a convenient place. So welcome back this tool to your tool suite.

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