AGNTools update

I have updated the AGNTools in the development release packages, so from the next development release you will notice the following changes:

  • agn2txt can now also decode FS2004 AGN files to a TXT file
  • txt2agn has been renamed to txt2agnx, it does encode a FSX AGN file from the TXT file
  • txt2agn9 has been added as a new tool, it does encode a FS2004 AGN file from the TXT file

With these changes it should be possible to convert AGN files from FS2004 to FSX and vice versa. Do note that not all FSX autogen types are supported in FS2004, those that are not supported are just dropped.

Please note I am currently travelling for work and do not have FS installed on the PC I am working on. So I did not test the AGN files in FS yet. Let me know if there are any issues with the new version of these tools.

One thought on “AGNTools update

  1. Vogel says:

    Great newsletter for FS9 user !

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