Looking for presenters

As FSDeveloper we are trying to organize an online conference for FS developers, with the aim to share techniques, knowledge and just have fun. We are now one step closer to organizing this conference, as we have our call for presenters ready. So do you have a topic that you would like to talk about […]

Features with holes

Holes are often used in shapefiles, for example to mark an island in an water polygon or to mark a clearing in a forest polygon. Until now scenProc did not support holes, so they were ignored when importing shapefiles. As a result of this the autogen generated would not be correct. The scenProc code that […]

Be careful for narrow houses

Two users recently reported the same problem to me with autogen files made with scenProc. In Annotator they could not see all the buildings and after saving in Annotator many of the buildings were gone. It turned out this problem was caused by very narrow buildings. So I want to warn all scenProc users of […]

Tree detection – part 4

It’s a while ago that I posted about the progress of my tree detection efforts. So here is a quick update. Some other things kept me busy, so there hasn’t been too much progress recently. I was able to run the tree detection algorithm on the entire island of Nantucket now. It took around 3.5 […]