Points in polygons

I have added a new step to scenProc, PLACEPOINTSINPOLYGON. With this step you can place points in polygons. This can be useful if you want to scatter objects in the polygon for example. As arguments the step takes the distance between the points and the amount of randomness you want to use. Below you see two pictures, one without randomness and one with 50% randomness on the position of the points.


Now you might remember that there already was a step called PLACEPOINTINPOLYGON (do you spot the tiny difference in the name?). This step creates one point at the center of a feature. To prevent confusion that step has been renamed to PLACEPOINTATCENTERPOLYGON now.

5 thoughts on “Points in polygons

  1. MOHSEN says:

    Thank you arno, very useful feature.
    can we change the randomness value or is it fixed on 50%?

  2. JpP says:

    Nice new feature!
    Beside the two arguments you provide, it could be of some interest to have the orientation of the rows too; may be not possible?
    Thanks Arno


  3. Gropied says:

    Hi Arno,

    Thanks for all and specially for your last devlopper’s conference.

    I have a question that follow JpP question :

    To your mind, would it be possible, using PLACEPOINTATCENTERPOLYGON and CREATEXMLLIBOBJ to replace an autogen building object by a building library

    object with the right heading, by default heading the first vector, and using the right ratio, by default = 1 ?

    For example, based on the tag aeroway= hangar, replace all tagged rectangle , by a hangar object from the library, and better: with a right orientation and a ratio matched to the surface ?



    • arno says:

      Hi, technically the approach you describe should work. Only there is no heading attribute. I think I would have to add another step to calculate that.


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