Different scenProc download links

A few weeks ago I made two versions of scenProc available on the development releases page. One for 32 bit operating systems and one for 64 bit operating systems. Since both of these files are rather big, due to the inclusion of all the GDAL/OGR libraries, it means that downloading an updated version can take […]

Which texture on my autogen building?

The autogen SDK shows us how the texture sheet that is used for generic autogen buildings is structured. There are parts for houses, medium/large building and warehouses. See the images below that comes from the SDK. But the SDK doesn’t tell us which type of building get’s which part of the texture sheet. On obvious […]

Import resample configuration

The scenProc IMPORTGDAL step to import imagery data assumes that the imagery you use is georeferenced in some way. So for example as GeoTIFF or as BMP file with an accompanying world file. But that is not always the case of course. Some developers use unreferenced images and provide the needed coordinates in the INF […]

Detect features, holes and performance

The scenProc feature to detect holes from imagery often returns polygons with holes, especially in area with dense forests and some clearings in the forest. When the ProcessHoles option is set to true the holes will be processed for the output of the detect feature step as well. But I have to give a warning, […]

Autogen statistics

After all the recent experimentation with running scenProc in batch mode I was curious how many autogen objects I had created in the end. So I made a little tool that will count the objects in a folder full of AGN files. This tool I called agnstats and will come with the next agntools development […]

scenProc batch processing

When you want to process bigger quantities of data with scenProc the graphical user interface is not always the easiest way to do this. In that case it is much easier if you can call scenProc from a script, for example a batch file. This is already possible for a while, but yesterday I have […]

I need 6 seasons!

I guess you learned at school that there are 4 seasons in each year. But when you start making scenery for Flight Simulator you will see that FS actually has 5 seasons. Besides the usual seasons spring, summer, autumn and winter, FS also has a heavy winter season. This means winter with snow actually. So […]

Placing effects

Although the scenProc tool is mainly used to create autogen files, it is also capable to produce BGL files using BGLComp. A processing step to place library objects this way has been available for quite a while. Today I have added another step that uses the BGLComp exporter, it can be used to place effect […]

FSDeveloper fully operational again

Maybe you have noticed already, but the FSDeveloper website is fully operational again. The fsdeveloper.com domain has been unblocked again, so everything is working as it was before. The fsdeveloper.org domain that we registered as a fallback will remain active as well. As you probably guessed already we were not happy with the support of […]

FSDeveloper DNS work around

To work around the DNS problems of the FSDeveloper.com domain, we have registered another domain. So until the issues with FSDeveloper.com have been solved, you can use FSDeveloper.org to reach the FSDeveloper community. We have also updated the settings of TapaTalk, so for those of you using that app on their smartphone or tablet, you […]