I need 6 seasons!

I guess you learned at school that there are 4 seasons in each year. But when you start making scenery for Flight Simulator you will see that FS actually has 5 seasons. Besides the usual seasons spring, summer, autumn and winter, FS also has a heavy winter season. This means winter with snow actually. So […]

Placing effects

Although the scenProc tool is mainly used to create autogen files, it is also capable to produce BGL files using BGLComp. A processing step to place library objects this way has been available for quite a while. Today I have added another step that uses the BGLComp exporter, it can be used to place effect […]

FSDeveloper fully operational again

Maybe you have noticed already, but the FSDeveloper website is fully operational again. The fsdeveloper.com domain has been unblocked again, so everything is working as it was before. The fsdeveloper.org domain that we registered as a fallback will remain active as well. As you probably guessed already we were not happy with the support of […]