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Over the last I have been using the island of Nantucket (Massachusetts) as a sandbox to try all kind of autogen techniques and to develop new features of scenProc. Coincidentally Bill Womack is working on a scenery of Nantucket airport as well. So my test autogen project will even end up in a real product. And with the help of Bills artistic skill the autogen textures also got much more realistic than I ever could have done.

Now that the autogen project is nearing its end and scenProc is also nearing the release of a stable version 1.0, I thought it would be a good idea to make some video tutorials about the things I have learned during this project. So with this blog post I want to announce a small series of video tutorials that will cover the different aspects of this project. I plan to give you one or two tutorials every week.

At the moment I have the following “episodes” planned, but as usual things can always change as I go along.

  1. Creating the buildings (finding the data, how to prepare it for creating FS autogen buildings)
  2. Customizing the buildings (adding custom textures and roofs)
  3. Creating the vegetation (finding the data, how to create the autogen)
  4. Customizing the vegetation (using custom vegetation models for even more realism)
  5. Creating the library objects (electricity poles, gas stations)
  6. How to merge all these custom autogen configurations when installing a scenery

Let me know if there are other topics you would like to see covered!

4 thoughts on “The Nantucket tutorials

  1. Scott Armstrong says:

    Right on, I’ll be watching for ’em!

  2. Lars says:

    Hey Arno,

    great progress! Are you planning to tackle the issue with the vegetational autogen e.g. the merging of different .spb files? It’s the biggest problem one has to deal with when it comes to custom vegetation implemented as autogen I suppose…

    All the best for the project!


    • arno says:

      Hi Lars,

      Yes, I’m looking into the merging as well now. I’m trying to help Darren from EarthSimulations to debug the merge tool he has made and he is willing to make it generally available.

  3. Lars says:

    That’s great news Arno! It would be such an advantage for all developers to be able to merge custom autogen descriptions and make FSX/P3D a better place 🙂

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