Do forums grow?

Lately [Nick] has been trying to hijack the forums and today I finally gave in to him. So you can expect some changes to the forum in the near future. And of course Nick has no evil intentions with the forums, so you don't have to be afraid of it. Now more seriously, as […]

Another LiveMeeting

After the success of the first LiveMeeting, we have now scheduled a second one. Where the first LiveMeeting was a short of online-video-tutorial-demonstration of the MDL Tweaker II tool, this second meeting will go a little more deeply into the techniques of scenery design. The subject will be how you can use XML for […]

Running a forum

I have been running the forums for about 3 years now and I must say that a lot has changed over these years. When I started the site, I was looking for a place to store the tips and tricks I had on my personal homepage. And I added the forum to see if […]