ModelConverterX manual

Updating the manual is usually not my favourite part of making tools, so sometimes that seems to lag a bit behind the release of new tool versions. But I just found the time to update the ModelConverterX manual on the Wiki. I have mainly updated the part about the capabilities of the different readers and […]

What about a 3DS exporter?

During discussion with a ModelConverterX user recently the subject of being able to import the objects into GMax or 3DS Max came up. If you want to continue editing your work that is indeed something that would be very useful. Now I did take a look at the 3DS format and it seems very well […]

New ModelConverterX release

I have just released the next alpha version of ModelConverterX. The main new feature is the support for the SCASM binary commands that are used a lot by FSDS. This feature alone already would justify a new release, as this will greatly improve the number of SCASM macros that can be converted correctly. Besides that […]

Start of spring

Today was supposed to be the start of spring, but looking at the weather outside (snow, rain, cold) it seems not really to be the case yet. There is even some chance that we get a white Easter this year, maybe that can compensate for the lack of white Christmases lately. But this might also […]

SCASM and binary commands

The next feature I will be working on for ModelConverterX is the support of the SCASM commands that enter the binary BGL/MDL code directly. With these commands you can enter certain hexadecimal values directly in the created file. You might expect that this is a feature that would only be used by the real expert […]

Multiple objects

Yesterday I continued working on a new feature for ModelConverterX that was high on the wishlist for a while. The ability to read in SCASM files with more than one object defined inside. So for example this would allow you to read in a SCASM object library definitation or just a SCAMS file that contains […]

Transparent textures

Today I have been doing some work again on one of the main features still missing from ModelConverterX, transparent textures. In the FSX MDL format it is no longer enough to add an alpha channel to your texture file. You also have to specify in the material that is used on the object that you […]

(Almost) time for a manual

I have just released an updated version of ModelConverterX, check out the thread on the forum to see all changes. This time mainy improvements in the reading functionality and some small new features. The bigger new features that are planned have not been implemented yet. Hopefully I can add some in the next release. Another […]