Turn on the turbo!

A while ago I made the scenProc step to split the features in the correct grid faster by using multiple threads. I have now updated almost all of the steps to use multiple threads and process the features in parallel. So this should reduce the time needed to process bigger areas quite a bit. Especially […]

FSC exporter

I have added a new exporter to ModelConverterX, from now on you will also be able to export to the FSDS FSC format. The exporter will save the geometry, material and textures. Animations are not supported at this time. With this new additional it is now possible to convert both to and from FSDS. So […]

Let there be rectangles…

I have added a new processing step to scenProc that allows you to turn polygons into rectangles. This step is mainly useful when creating autogen vegetation for FS2004, since the vegetation must be rectangular there. What the step does is just take the polygon and try to fill the shape with rectangles of the size […]

Features with holes

I have made some changes to the OSM importer for scenProc and it should now handle features with holes correctly. Since I am currently travelling for work, I do not have the FSX SDK here, so I haven’t been able to try yet if the produced AGN with the holes will actually work. That’s something […]

AGNTools update

I have updated the AGNTools in the development release packages, so from the next development release you will notice the following changes: agn2txt can now also decode FS2004 AGN files to a TXT file txt2agn has been renamed to txt2agnx, it does encode a FSX AGN file from the TXT file txt2agn9 has been added […]