Bye bye command prompt interface

Today I have started working on the graphical user interface for scenProc. The idea is to make a kind of text editor that will help you to define the configuration file for scenProc. Below is a first screenshot of the new user interface. Once I have the basics finished, I will turn my attention to […]

MSTS support?

So, I was on business trip and had an hour to spare or so before we would go to dinner. What would you do with that bit of time? Triggered by some reason discussion if exchange of objects between FS en MSTS could be possible, I decided to have a look at adding support for MSTS objects […]

64 bit version

Until now all of my tools were 32 bit, so even if you we’re running them on a 64 bit OS you could not access the additional memory. Especially for scenProc that was an annoying limitation, so today I took another look at making them 64 bit as well. In the end it turned out […]

Material editor and saving textures

Until now the material editor would save a new texture directly for every change you made. So for example renaming the texture or changing the size. When doing multiple operations in a row that resulted in many textures in the texture folder that were not used in the end. And for the user there was […]

Drawcall minimizer and repeating textures

Tomorrows development release will contain a couple of improvements to the drawcall minimizer functionality. The main improvement is that you can now also minimize textures that are repeating. ModelConverterX will repeat those textures for you, before inserting them into the combined texture sheet. As you can see in the image below, there is a checkbox […]

Match texture function fixed

I have just fixed the match texture function in the material editor. Since the new material editor was introduced this function was broken, but it is working again. With this function you can look for the same texture, with a different name in the specified texture folder. I hope to finalize the new material editor in the next couple […]

Merge objects

I have added a new function to ModelConverterX, you can now merge objects. After you bring up the form there are a couple of things you can do: You can specify the LOD that should be used for the model you are importing. So this allows you to import another model as a lower level […]

Classify building footprints

I have been adding more built-in attributes to scenProc recently, to allow you to classify buidling footprints in different types. Then for each type you can make different kind of autogen. This work is not yet finished, but in this blog post I want to show what you can do already now. Please read the […]