Drawcall batching settings

I have made a few small changes to the ModelConverterX settings when it comes to drawcall batching. With these changes it is now also possible to make MDL files without drawcall batching. In some cases that is needed, because the batching can give some artifacts. Before there was one setting that controlled whether LOD worked […]

DrawCallMonitor update

I have just made an update for DrawCallMonitor. With this update you can also load an object library BGL file and see the statistics of each object. The be able to switch between objects there is a list displayed on the right. This update should make it easier to inspect files to see how many […]

scenProc and autogen configuration

From the next development release scenProc will read the autogen configuration files from a different location. Until now these were read from the XML files in the Autogen SDK folder. But these might not always reflect the configuration that is actually loaded into FSX. So from the next version the tool will read the autogen […]

Where does the light come from?

A while ago I changed the way the lighting works in the ModelConverterX preview. Before the light would always come from the view point, while now there is a separate light location. The downside of this change is that you now can see that some sides of the model are always darker. I have been thinking about […]

Flattens from 3D objects

Last week I got approached by different developers with suggestions for ModelConverterX to create flattens. So given multiple questions about the same subject I was trigged to look into this issue. Since I mainly create scenery for the Netherlands I have never had trouble with flattens myself. I think in the Netherlands you would even […]

Import AGN files

Until now the scenProc tool could only be used to create AGN files. But when you want to enhance or view existing AGN files it is also useful to be able to import them again. That feature has been added to the development release versio now. To illustrate how it works I will explain two […]

Choosing shaders

A new option has been added to ModelConverterX, with this option you can force the preview to use simple shaders. This option has been added because certain graphics cards have performance issues with the more complex shaders that are used by default. By setting the ForceSimpleShader to true the preview is forced to use the […]