On the move

At the beginning of next month I am going to move to another house. So that means in the comming weeks I will have to start packing already and of course there are also a lot of other things to arrange. So this probably means I have a little less time to spend on FS […]


Some weeks ago I wrote about some code I wrote to control FSX using the CIGI interface with SimConnect. This week we finally had the time at work to test if the code actually works. So we loaded FSX, started our simulation host and tried it. After some configuration issues it worked very well. FSX […]

My Cycling Log

For a few years already I keep track of the rides on my racing bicycle on the computer. I like it to see how much I have cycled at the end of the year (or sometimes not, when it is not so much). And since I cycle to work in the summer, I also keep […]