Packing stuff can be fun

Over the last days, I have been busy packing my stuff for the upcomming moving. Although that is a lot of work of course, and my house is full of boxes at the moment, it can also have a fun part. While sorting about all the stuff in my computer room I came across some old notes about scenery design. For example drawings I made for buildings that I wanted to model. I used these to make my objects in VOD or later FSDS (or hand code them in SCASM as I also did often). It was quite nice to find back all these old things.

After the moving I think I will try to scan some of that material, so I can put it here on the blog or write some article about it. I think it is nice to document how some things in scenery design have changed (and some things made not have changed at all).

But that is for after the moving, now I have to run out again and go look for some new furniture and continue packing stuff.

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