Mass Texture Editor

To assist with the conversion of textures while converting objects for us in FS, I have added a new tool to ModelconverterX. It is called the Mass Texture Editor tool and it will help you to rename, resize and convert to another format all the textures of an object at once. So this will be useful for example when you are converting a COLLADA file, since these often use JPG textures in sizes that are not supported by FS.

I have made a little preview video to show how the new tool works. I hope you find this functionality useful, if you encounter bugs or have other suggestions please post them in the forum.

Some of the things I have in my mind to add next are functionality to minimize the amount of drawcalls and a wizard that will guide you easily through the import, texture edit and export process of an object.

2 thoughts on “Mass Texture Editor

  1. gman says:

    So where is the download link ?
    I tried the file section but it only has the old version of MCX with no MTE

  2. arno says:

    Hi, you need the latest development release. Check out the sticky thread in the ModelConverterX forum at FSDeveloper.

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