ModelConverterX and LODs

It’s a little bit ironic, after all the effort I put in the LOD Creator functionality of ModelConverterX. But today I found out that the LODs were not really working in FSX SP2 when you exported the FSX MDL files. This is because of the drawcall batching functionality that I wrote about in the previous post. There is a solution for this that breaks the drawcall batching.

So I have now added a new option in ModelConverterX that allows you to specify if you prefer the drawcall batching or working LODs. By default the LODs will be working. If the object has only one level of detail the setting has no influence, in that case the drawcall batching will always work. If the object has animations the setting also has no influence, since these prevent the drawcall batching in any case (and thus the LODs will work).

This fix will be available in the development release of tomorrow. So enjoy your LODs even more from now on!

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