New Prepar3D 3DS Max SDK

For those developers using 3DS Max to make their aircraft or scenery models there is good news. A common question on the FSDeveloper forum is which version of 3DS Max can I use together with the FSX gamepack? The bad news in that case is that it does not work with the latest versions and you can’t legally buy the old versions that do work. But now the good news, an updated SDK for Prepar3D has been released. This SDK includes the tools to export from the more recent versions of 3DS Max. Since the Prepar3D MDL format is the same as FSX, this SDK should also help FSX developers. So thanks to the Prepar3D team for this!

2 thoughts on “New Prepar3D 3DS Max SDK

  1. michael mccracken says:

    How can developers obtain this sdk?

  2. Angelus says:

    Doesn’t work with x64 bit 3DS Mas 2012 – dll only built for x86 versions.

    Bit short sighted these days!!!!

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