BGLComp SceneryObject flags

A few days ago I added support to ModelConverterX to read the additional options like <NoShadow /> or <NoAutogenSuppresion /> from the object placement code in the BGL file. Initially I had some trouble to find out where these options ended up in the binary code, since it was not documented in the otherwise excelent description that Winfried Orthmann made a while ago.

After the latitude, longtide and altitude the description says there is a short that stores if the altitude is AGL or not. But actually this short can store much more than that. It more acts like a set of flags for multiple options. Here is the list of possible flags:

0x01 AltIsAgl
0x02 NoAutogenSuppression
0x04 NoCrash
0x08 NoFog
0x10 NoShadow
0x20 NoZWrite
0x40 NoZTest
Just wanted to share this, in case other tool developers are struggling with the same in the future.

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