Tree detection – part 2

I am travelling for my work this week, but when I had an few hours in the evening to spend in my hotel room I did some more experimentation with the tree detection algorithm.

I have now modified my test tool so that you can click on the trees in the image to determine the rules that are used for the detection. Just click on a dozen different trees or so, and the tool will figure out which rule should be used to find the trees in this kind of image.

From the tests I have done it seems to work quite well. Below are two screenshots of the Nantucket imagery where I used to same rules to find the trees in both images. I am quite happy with the result till now.



Next step will be to add this algorithm to scenProc, so that I can test it on a bigger area and see if the results still look convincing. I am curious to see how this autogen will turn out. But that will have to wait till I am back home, I don’t have FSX here at the moment.

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