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telraamAfter all the recent experimentation with running scenProc in batch mode I was curious how many autogen objects I had created in the end. So I made a little tool that will count the objects in a folder full of AGN files. This tool I called agnstats and will come with the next agntools development release.

I know this tool is not really useful for development. But maybe you can impress your friends with the numbers or else you can use it to brag a bit about the amount of autogen you made in your documentation. Below is an example of the output:

Autogen statistics for folder: texture
Generic buildings
505028 5ae04eb6-934c-4f63-bb48-5e7dee601212 Roofs Gabled _ALL_
21562 311de8c7-e596-4e28-a94d-da09d0252ce4 Flat roofs for medium short buildings
Total: 526590
Polygonal vegetation
93168 db9149ee-bb9d-4da6-89c8-2c4900eed8fa Terrain Autogen Class Deciduous Broadleaf Forest
6118 a4a30975-075c-49ec-87fb-7e0931cb5004 Terrain Autogen Class Coniferous Forest
9349 c9dc45ae-f240-42a9-a137-b7617452a308 Terrain Autogen Class Mixed Forest
Total: 108635
Rectangular vegetation
299482 c9dc45ae-f240-42a9-a137-b7617452a308 Terrain Autogen Class Mixed Forest
343208 2903412b-69a1-4a63-94c9-a799b91afdbf tb Bush General 3-8 ft
Total: 642690
Library objects
Total: 0

3 thoughts on “Autogen statistics

  1. Gropied says:

    Hi Arno,

    Since more than a year, AGNMergetool (designed by Vogel69) allow you “non solo sed etiam” to count objects and also change the GUID if it is inapropriate.
    This is a very useful “post scenproc” tool.


  2. Scott Armstrong says:

    Actually, this tool will be immensely useful for a little project I have going on right now, where I have to figure out what AGN veg types are present in a given landclass and convert them to a different AGN type. Thanks Arno!

  3. Dean says:

    Can’t wait 🙂 I know I have over 3 million buildings but I’d love to know exactly how many have been generated 🙂

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