FSDeveloper DNS work around

To work around the DNS problems of the FSDeveloper.com domain, we have registered another domain. So until the issues with FSDeveloper.com have been solved, you can use FSDeveloper.org to reach the FSDeveloper community. We have also updated the settings of TapaTalk, so for those of you using that app on their smartphone or tablet, you can reach the forum again as well. Only be aware that the fsdeveloper.com email addresses still don’t work. So you can’t use these to reach Jon or me.

We hope that our main FSDeveloper.com domain is available soon again, but we depend on the support of the registrar for that. Until now their support has been very disappointing. So we don’t know how long it will still take. For now please use this workaround.

2 thoughts on “FSDeveloper DNS work around

  1. zach says:

    When I was trying to recover a lost password, the image verification was not working. Is there a way to work around the image verification?

    • arno says:


      The image verification was initally still linked to the .com domain, that’s why it didn’t work for a while. Now that the .com domain is working again, use that one for correct image verification.

      The .org domain is also working, but the image verification will not work there for the moment. Once we have finished moving the .com domain to the other registrar, we will make the .org domain forward to the .com and then all image verification problems should be solved.


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