Attached objects done

This evening I have been able to take one more step on the problem of attached objects. After cleaning up the ModelConverterX code a bit more they are now really working. It is quite cool to be able to attach effect files now to your object and convert those already in the old SCASM macros. […]

Attached effects

Although Adrian Woods has an interesting post about how to add attachpoints to your X file, it still took me most of the evening to get things working. First I probably picked a wrong effect that does not work for scenery, but I also forgot to add the mesh to the X file frame of […]

Video on the Wiki?

With the increasing amount of video tutotials becoming availalble on the FSDeveloper site and because they are just very useful to explain things, I have been looking at a way to integrate them in the Wiki. So let’s say to be able to play them inside the Wiki as an embedded video. The extensions for […]

Make those lines visible

One of the most important features still missing in ModelConverterX is the ability to read in API macros that use lines instead of polygons. I have started working on a solution for this now. Those lines will be read in and then transformed into a 3D object. It is like you extra a certain shape […]

New Wiki frontpage

Tonight the new Wiki front page for the FSDeveloper Wiki went live. I hope this new page makes it easier for users of the Wiki to find the content they are interested in. You will find more categories, that relate to certain addon development related tasks, like terrain design or panel and gauge design. Also […]