Sneak preview

Since I released alpha version 13 of ModelConverterX, I have been working on the next version. For that release I have mainly planned improvements to the usability of the tool. So that means the user interface gets cleaned up a bit, functions are made more logical etc. Another example of the things I am implementing is that the import and export processes will be running on a separate thread, so that the user interface will no longer appear locked up.

But while working on all this, I also realised that the old user intreface was not always very logical. Some functions were hidden quite deep in the menus, requiring quite some mouse clicks to get to. So therefore I decided to change the user interface a bit as well. Below you find a first sneak preview of how it will look now.

As you can see I removed the menus and added all functionality in toolstrips that are more accessible. Also the event log has got its own tab now, instead of being only part of the screen. I have some more ideas on the event log, but I still have to work on that.

Another example of a change is that the different colours of the 3D preview can now be configured by the user. See the screenshot below for an example of those options. And did you also notice that you can now toggle a grid in the preview as well to get a better impression of the size of things?

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