ModelConverterX user settings

How ModelConverterX stores your settings is a topic that has resulted in some discussion on the forum already. So let me try to make things more clear with this post. I am using a build in functionality of .NET to store the settings, which are conveniently called settings as well. This functionality automatically makes sure that the […]

Animation slider

I have made a small change to the ModelConverterX user interface. The control to manipulate an animation have moved to a new toolbar now. Since this toolbar takes some space, it is only shown when the object loaded has an animation. Else the entire toolbar is hidden. This new toolbar also has a slider that […]

Changes to FSDeveloper forum structure

Today I will be making some changes to the forum structure. With time going on, how we make our addons has also changed slightly. For example when we started FSDeveloper more ASM tweaking was needed, but now that forum is not so active anymore. With these changes to the structure we want to make sure […]