Time out

As you have probably noticed I haven’t been active at all recently with my tools or on FSDeveloper. I already reported before that we bought a house and are busy renovating it. But on top of that our second son was born 3 months too early. So that means that at the moment we step […]


As you might have noticed already from the lack of activity on this blog and the fewer updates to my tools, I’m a bit busy at the moment. We have just bought a house and next week we finally get the keys. But the house also needs some modernization before we can move in, so […]

Download links

After the recent move of the FSDeveloper site to another server some of the download links to my tools as reported here on the tools pages were broken. I have now fixed them all. All of the files are now hosted on this website directly, so you browse all old stable releases in one place […]

Scenery (tool) designer

As many of you probably know I am a member of the Netherlands 2000 Scenery team for almost 15 years already. Or actually I should say I was. Because I have decided to stop working as a part of the team. This decision has nothing to do with the team, they still make a great […]

Slower development

As you have probably already noticed the development of my different tools is a bit more slow recently. That’s just because I am a bit busy at the moment. There are a few reasons for that: It has been quite good weather this month here, so I have been trying to ride my racing bicycle […]

Back home again

For the last three weeks this was the scenerydesign.org headquarters. Needless to say I didn’t spend much time on flightsim at all. We had a great holiday in Normandy and Bretagne. I’ll probably spend a day or two to unpack, clean and store all vacation stuff again, and after that I’ll be turning my attention […]

Back online

It must have been Murphy’s law, just a day after I left home the server on which this website runs went offline. And remote I could not login anymore to correct the problem. So this site has been offline for a couple of days now. Today I got back home again and after a quick […]

7 days, 7 tools

Most of you know that I make all those flight simulation development tools for fun, it is my hobby. This means I have no tight schedule for when I work on certain features, I just work on the tool or the feature that I most enjoy at the moment. So that means that sometimes I […]

Down time

Just a quick reminder that this website will be offline for an hour or so tomorrow morning. This means that also the development releases of my tools are not accessible for that time. As some of you might know the development releases and this site our hosted on a small server at my home. And tomorrow I […]