Import AGN files

Until now the scenProc tool could only be used to create AGN files. But when you want to enhance or view existing AGN files it is also useful to be able to import them again. That feature has been added to the development release versio now. To illustrate how it works I will explain two […]

Recent changes

In the last three weeks I have been a bit busy, so I haven’t posted about the changes I made to my tools recently. Here is a quick overview of the most important changes: There was a memory leak in scenProc when using the SplitGrid step, this has been fixed. But if you still have […]

Recent changes

Over the last weekend I made a couple of changes to the development releases of my tools. Here is a quick overview of the changes: Last Friday I introduce the big changes to ModelConverterX that allow multiple object placements. Unfortunately some bugs slipped into these changes. These caused crashes while loading certain BGL files and […]

Two scenProc changes

In the next development release there are two important changes in scenProc. These will mean that your old configuration file will no longer work directly, you will have to make some small modifications to them. The first change is that the SHP and KML importer have an additional argument. Just like the OSM importer you […]

Reading KML files

I have added support for another file format to scenProc, it is now also possible to read KML files. This means that you can now use Google Earth as well to draw your points, lines and polygons. And then use scenProc to convert this data into autogen for FSX. I have only tested with some […]

Turn on the turbo!

A while ago I made the scenProc step to split the features in the correct grid faster by using multiple threads. I have now updated almost all of the steps to use multiple threads and process the features in parallel. So this should reduce the time needed to process bigger areas quite a bit. Especially […]