Tree detection – part 5

It’s been a while since I was working on the autogen vegetation for Nantucket. It was actually before my summer holiday. Afterwards I thought I would quickly fix some of the reported bugs and then return to this interesting issue. But as always I got carried away by adding some new features to ModelConverterX and […]

Heading offsets

One problem with the scenProc feature to place objects along a line was that the user could not influence the orientation of the model. It would just follow the line and for the default light everything ended up fine. But if you wanted the use an object that was oriented differently in the MDL file […]

Features with holes

Holes are often used in shapefiles, for example to mark an island in an water polygon or to mark a clearing in a forest polygon. Until now scenProc did not support holes, so they were ignored when importing shapefiles. As a result of this the autogen generated would not be correct. The scenProc code that […]

Be careful for narrow houses

Two users recently reported the same problem to me with autogen files made with scenProc. In Annotator they could not see all the buildings and after saving in Annotator many of the buildings were gone. It turned out this problem was caused by very narrow buildings. So I want to warn all scenProc users of […]

Tree detection – part 4

It’s a while ago that I posted about the progress of my tree detection efforts. So here is a quick update. Some other things kept me busy, so there hasn’t been too much progress recently. I was able to run the tree detection algorithm on the entire island of Nantucket now. It took around 3.5 […]

I flipped it

Yesterday I fixed a bug in the scenProc step that imports AGN files. There was an issue in this step that resulted in part of the autogen features being displayed wrong. They were vertically flipped. So if you are using the import AGN step in your workflow, please update to the latest version and run […]

Tree detection

One of the first problems I encountered when I tried to make autogen for Nantucket is the lack of vector data for the vegetation. OpenStreetMap contains hardly any vegetation and also the GIS department of Massachusetts has not much usable data. So therefore I started to experiment with detecting the vegetation in the imagery.  And […]